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Janet's boyfriend loves when she's pretending to be a naive teen virgin and he the man who deflowers her. They have played this a hundred times, but Janet doesn't mind because she knows she will get a great fuck out of it.

75, Starring Janet, Runtime 21:29

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Friend with benefits

Lenka got a call from her friend, asking her out for a dinner. She had no plans, so she told him to pick her up at her place. He arrived with a friend with a camera and told her that she would be his dinner. She always had a little crush on him, so she didn't resist for too long.

74, Starring Lussy, Runtime 20:53

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Schoolmate prank

Natasha's schoolmates eanted to play a prank on her. They put on masks and pretended to rob her place. It failed miserably, because she was sleeping. They woke her up wanting sex. She was scared at first, but when she recognized that it's her schoolmates, she was happy to play along.

73, Starring Natasha, Runtime 19:40

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Sex for a plushie

Kattie is obsessed with plush toys. So much so, that she sometimes exchanges them for sex with her boyfriend.

72, Starring Kattie Gold, Runtime 23:22

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Sex is better than studying

They were supposed to wtite an essay together. But they're young, horny and alone. And sex is just so much fun.

71, Starring Natasha, Runtime 26:36

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